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Turkey, Baby Food, Milk and Cats

Dear Kismet:

Is Turkey good for cats? Is Baby Food good for cats? Is milk good for cats?

Dear Chris:

Thank you so much for writing us at I Love Cats, and I hope we can answer your questions. It seems most of your questions are related to what is best to feed your cats. The items on your list are all probably fine, in small amounts, as treats for normal, healthy cats. Of course, there are cats with special needs that one or more of these foods might cause problems.

Discussing your questions with your veterinarian would be highly recommended as your veterinarian will know any special consideration that your cats might need, or if any of these foods might cause problems. Specifically, there are a few cautions we would like to share with the list of foods you mentioned. Some of them have the potential to cause problems or be dangerous for cats.

While turkey meat should be fine as an occasional treat, please be sure there are not any bones, especially if the turkey is cooked. Cooked poultry bones are very sharp and brittle and can cause life-threatening problems for both cats and dogs if they are consumed.

Many meat-based baby foods contain some amount of onion power to improve the flavor and onions can cause problems for dogs and cats and should be avoided. This is true for both raw and cooked onions, so it is best to eliminate onions from our petsí diets.

Most cats enjoy a little milk treat from time to time though in some cats it can have some amount of digestive upset. You should watch carefully to see if your cat(s) could handle small amounts of milk without any problems. If milk does not agree with your cats, they will do just fine without it in their diet.

Many cats love fish but eating excessive amounts of fish can upset a balanced diet and cause many health problems. So fish should be fed sparingly. And, as with cooked meat, the bones of cooked fish can be very dangerous to your cat and we would recommend great care in feeding any amount of cooked fish to your cats.

We normally recommend a high quality commercial cat food for most cats, and again, your veterinarian would be an excellent source for information and recommendations on the best diets for your cats. Some people do prepare their own home-made diets for their cats, both based on cooked food and raw food but doing this requires research and commitment to ensure that the resulting diet contains all of the nutrients required for complete and total feline health.

All the best,