Hi, there. I’m Aimee, and I love cats. Can you tell? 😉

Growing up, I had a cat who basically let me treat her like a doll. I don’t think cats are usually all that patient with kids, but this one certainly was, and I loved her for it. I missed her terribly when she passed away and have always wanted to add a new furry friend to my life. Sadly, after I graduated from college, getting a cat wasn’t practical considering finances, long work hours, and my living situation. But all that changed recently when I was able to adopt my butterball, Tigger.

Tigger is an aspirational name. Right now, she’s a tad on the lethargic side because her previous owner (who returned her to the shelter!) allowed her to become about 10 pounds overweight. But–funny enough–she likes playing fetch, and I’ve got her on special diet food, so I’m sure she’ll live up to her name sooner or later!

I’m so excited to finally be a pet parent after all this time. I look forward to sharing everything I’m learning along the way. I plan to focus on the tools and tricks I learn, what makes the journey easier, and what to buy, as I’m sure I will make more than a few missteps. I would love to hear from you, too. Let me know what you’d like to read about and how I can help you.